1. Morimoto
Washington Square

Morimoto’s appearance on this list should come as no surprise—it is one of Philly’s best Japanese restaurants, after all. As with many dishes here created by Masaharu Morimoto, the ramen and udon blend traditional Japanese and Western techniques. In this case, the end result is the Iron Chef’s take on chicken noodle soup.

2. Da-Wa: Joseph’s Sushi and Ramen

For a delicious array of sushi, poke, and of course, ramen, Dawa is your go-to spot in Fishtown. Although the sushi menu at this restaurant tends to get more buzz, the ramen menu is equally satisfying, with soyu, cha shu, and vegetarian ramen, each made lovingly with seasonal ingredients.

3. Hajimaru Ramen

For picture-perfect Hakata-style ramen, look no further than the menu at Hajimaru, a cozy Fishtown spot that just begs for a rainy day and steaming hot ramen. Make it a meal with a side of fried octopus balls or shrimp wontons.

4. Cheu Noodle Bar Fishtown

Cheu Noodle Bar’s mix of always-perfect noodles and irreverent, casual ambiance make it a Fishtown favorite. The restaurant welcomes innovation when it comes to ramen, so you’ll see dishes like chili garlic pork belly with steamed buns alongside creative bowls like the brisket ramen, complete with matzah ball, kimchi, and red chili broth.

5. @Ramen

Go for the triple truffle mushroom when you want warm comforts with an extra kick of fancy-feeling flavor. @Ramen offers a simplified menu of four ramen styles to which you can add extra broth, noodles, or spice. If you want something that will fill you up even more, be sure to tack on the beloved boiled pork dumplings or pork belly bao buns.

6. Terakawa Ramen
Multiple locations

Terakawa takes its recipes from the historic Kumamoto area of Japan. As such, you can expect the broth to be simmered for a full two days, offering an extra rich flavor that’s hard to come by in typical ramen. Noodles are handmade and come straight or wavy, depending on the dish.

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